Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quails egg

A quail egg?  Really, right out in our back yard on the rock near the water dish and seed block.. all by itself with nothing around it?  That is how we found this little egg.  Wondered what happened and think it must have been time to deliver and mom didn't have time to make it back to the nest.  We left it alone for a few days but in this hot sun did not expect it to live especially without any care from mom or dad... Hoping the rest of the family is doing ok nearby and hoping to see the little critters marching across the yard soon.  We do know one of our neighbors has a pair of quail nesting in their geraniums again this year.  Exciting times seeing the birds darting here and there and have seen a dove on a nest in a cactus.

Monday, March 21, 2016

New shed

Ever since we moved in here I have disliked our old shed.  It was right off our very small patio and there was hole in the wooden floor.  So, finally at the time we had the gates installed we had a slab poured to support our new shed.  This little baby came in a kit so Early was happy as a clam for days working on his puzzle shed.  It looks nice and all the tools fit nice and neatly.  Doors close and even has sky lights. ha!  When we took the old shed down a lady came that day to buy it off of craig's list - she did not want the holey floor.  She hauled that baby away and we were left with a dirt mound with a big hole - Earl put the hose down there to drown out what ever was there but nothing came out.  At least that is filled in now and we are hoping our friendly squirrel that likes to eat our garden veggies is gone.  Haven't seen him since so we are hoping.

Monday, February 8, 2016

New gates

Always in need of "another" project this spring we installed new gates.  Still a drive through on the west side of house and a new wall with walk through gate on east side of house.  Before it was just a wooden fence with out a gate over there.  Does make it handier to visit with neighbor on that side of the house.  These are nice gates and we are pleased.  Earl had the workmen put a cement base under the opening so if or when we may ever get a pet it won't be able to dig under the fence.  Future planning? 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Grammy Museum

While in the LA area took a little time to visit the Grammy Museum.  Neither of us are big on keeping up on all the latest singers however they had a special tribute to Frank Sinatra and oh my, what a grand tribute.  This place is 3 or 4 stories and how much fun to see snippets of all the singers over time.  Well worth the visit.  They had a section set as tribute to the Supremes too with their gowns and what nots but the Frank Sinatra tribute was very tastefully done.  Right next door they were kicking off a promotion weekend for the latest Star Wars movie.  We are not big star wars fans but fun to see all the people out for that too.

Griffith Park Observatory

While in LA for the weekend, took a little ride up to Griffith Park Observatory.  What a pretty day; albeit cold!  The wind was wicked but the sky was clear and it was so pretty.  This is a fun place to go for a view of the city and all folks out biking hiking and walking and just enjoying the day.  So glad we took the time to go up there for a look-see. It is not often we take time any more to just do fun things like we did when we were nomads. ha!