Monday, September 21, 2015

Master Bath Remodel in progress

Here we go folks, the demolition crew showed up this morning and began tearing apart our master bathroom for major remodel project... How exciting.. ha!

Our cast iron tub is no longer... wow!  What a mess but they are very tidy in their work.  Work is estimated to take up to 2 weeks and part of the problem is not all the parts are here yet... oops.. that old backorder thing is going to hit us.. But that's ok.  We will manage... We'll see how it goes.

Monday, August 17, 2015

New flooring

After a few years, we finally came to a decision about what we wanted to do with the flooring.  Had a few helpers come over and give us a fresh coat of paint in living room and dining room and redo the flooring in the living room only.

Still don't have all pictures back up yet but loving the flooring.  Put the rug in the dining room and it barely fits.  Not sure what we will do in living room yet but we'll eventually get there. Nothing like a little change.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sun setting before monsoon

Back at the homestead we have been busy with waiting for monsoon's to hit and doctor appointments.  So, we had a nice rain on the other day that washed the air and cleaned all the trees and plants. ha!  First order was to get a recliner he could sleep in because laying down caused his pain so had to get him elevated - So off we went to find a recliner.  Then after a number of  tests  and MRI we have learned that Early has a few pinched nerves (thus the swelling of hands).  Both shoulders have arthritis and his knees have brittle bones.  Now we know we have more doc appointments and able to treat the symptoms.  Can we fix it - probably not but there is treatment so that's good.  Meanwhile we are holed up most days enjoying the sight of pretty days because it's too bloody hot to spend any time out of doors!  Even at night it may cool down in the 80's if we are lucky.  After a monsoon hits we have humidity for a few days and then it is sweltering.   For all the heat life goes on pretty much as normal and we are all thankful for the invention of the air conditioner!  There was a time before it's invention and those poor folks must have suffered but then there weren't as many of them now were there and am sure they had ingenious ways to stay cool.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Trout Lake and Mount Hood

Once again it would seem age is creeping up on us and this time it was not a blood clot; no, it was unseen and misery - Earl's hands swelling up and arms hurting.  Neither one of us getting a good night sleep due to pain.  It was miserable to the point of cancelling out and heading for home and doctors!  It has been a few years since we had stopped in at Trout Lake and oh my goodness what a wonderful time we had visiting with our good friend Candice!!  She is great!  She took us on another tour of the area and of the cheese factory her son and daughter in law are working on.  She is happy and content and you can't ask for more than that... We loved every minute of our visit with her and it came to a halt all too soon.  Thanks again Candice!!

Leaving Trout Lake is Mt Hood popping up all over the place.  It's so funny to see this mountain peeking out from here and there; just like Mt Rainier.  These mountains are like old friends and its always a joy to see them.  You can see how the snow is really melting on this giant.  There was a time (yes, even in my lifetime - ha) when this mountain was white all year long.. not anymore - same with Mt Rainier.  Never thought I would see the day when there would be so many dry spaces.  We did enjoy our drive through Oregon.  It has been a few years since we were on that route.  This was our 1st trip with just the car and so different then when we traveled with the motorhome.  We did ok but it is a lot of miles and not nearly as enjoyable as stopping and taking our time to visit the little towns and see whatever there may be to see.  It's just different and neither one of us were crazy about it.. oh well.  We did ok and that is what counts.  

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fun wedding

Meet the new Mr and Mrs.  My nephew Bill chose this lovely woman as his bride and oh my goodness, what a wedding!!  You couldn't have asked for a nice spot on Whidbey Island with Mount Rainier in the south and Mt Baker in the north and all the water in between!  Bill has a good eye!  He told me he chose this spot back when he was still in High School!! A few years ago now and never lost sight of it which was amazing in itself.  This was several days of prep work and family and friend time clamming, eating, socializing and just plain having a good time!!

Our Bill arranged a house for us all to stay in on the island and so my sister Karen flew in from Georgia, Sister-in-law from Montana and of course Bill's mom from California.  We all shared this darling little cottage and had a fun time just being sisters.  Unfortunately brother Mark was off on a fishing boat up in Alaska and couldn't make the big event. The last time all of girls were together was when our mother passed away back in 2001 so it was fun to see each other again.