Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our name in Brick!

Since moving into this community (this is our 3rd winter) we have been immersed in so many activities and one was to come up with some sort of fundraiser.  You can see by the picture what our fundraiser has been. Took months of gathering information and coming up with a plan and getting all volunteer help to put this together.  Today we began laying the bricks and it's incredible the help that come forward for this whole project.  We have met some of the best folks who have volunteered their time and talent.  So it's official now - we are in carved in stone... Added a brick for Earl's folks too and had them placed side by side so no one would think Earl had a wife they were not aware of.. Our project will soon be done and now it will just be maintenance of the project so should go much smoother.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A nice family visit

Took a little time to meet up with nephew Ryan and fiance Meredith for a delightful short visit!  They are planning on the big day in March in Venice Italy so we are very happy for them and wish them only the very best for a lifetime together!  So happy we were able to see them.

While in Tucson took the time to visit this National Park.  Didn't do much with the weather being so cold but did drive through the park and stop at the visitor center for a film on the park.  Really fun seeing all the Sqguaro's and their funny arms.  They are a wonderful protected cactus only grown here in the sonoran desert.  

Friday, December 26, 2014

Looking for a name

Meet the newest addition to our family!  Yes, Earl was so sweet to commission a good friend of ours to make this quail for me!  I am just thrilled with her.  Our friend Dave has been making these quail at the Lapidary shop here and selling.  His proceeds have been gone to helping with a fundraiser here in the community.  I am thrilled to have this addition to our family but now I have to think of a name.  Oh yes, Dave does make families but no babies without a mom and dad! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Meet our new automobile

Yes, the $ did burn a hole in guess who's pocket and yes, now we have a new card.  Brand new 2015 Ford Fusion SE hybrid.  It runs nice and very quiet.  Now the test is to drive economically!  Ah, a challenge at moments but there is a little screen to help you keep track!  Very nice and yes, we are both pleased.  Although it looks a little gold it is really supposed to be silver.   The car we just traded in was 9 years old already - where do the years go?  So guess it was time although the chevy drove just fine and I did not have any complaints.  I do like driving this new car but we are still getting used to it!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Saying good bye to Roadrunner

These nice folks are proud new owners of  the "Roadrunner"