Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Watching the rain

Having never experienced a "monsoon" before it was quite exciting for us folks from the Pacific Northwest who are used to a nice soft drizzling type rain to watch the wind and rain come down so hard and so fast the street floods in minutes and you can hardly speak to each other for the noise!  Very exciting and the best part... it's not cold!  AND it's gone almost as fast as it comes.  Fortunately for us, we are in an older development that was very "thoughtfully" planned so no flooding problems (lots of big holding ponds in the area) and with the desert landscaping the ground just sucks that water up right now.  Within hours you would hardly know it had even rained.  Amazing site and fun to watch.

Having breakfast one morning with son Roy and Natali we visited a new restaurant to us The Good Egg.  Look at this flag made out of egg cartons.  Wild and very clever!  A little large perhaps but fit nicely on their wall.  I always enjoy clever ideas. Besides the food was good.  A little bit of a drive but worth it!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Birthday fun

We have been back close to a month now and getting back into the groove.  One night at cribbage we celebrated little Bea's 95th birthday!  She is so sharp and fun to play cards with along with the others I might add.  Most folks are still gone for the summer months but we were glad to be back for this little event.  

Earl's leg is slowly improving.  It is still a bit red and swells up a little during the day but it will take a while before all the meds perform their miracles if they ever do.  So far though the reports are good and getting better so that is a big Plus!  

We did have a bit of a monsoon one day where they registered over 5" of rain within a matter of hours and a very positive note on this that although some places in our town were hit hard by the blast of rain, our little area did just fine.  We were built back when they took those sort of things into consideration and planned ahead.  Not so sure the builders all do that now however I think the desert landscaping helps too.  That water gets sucked up so fast with our rock yards. ha!  It's a pretty amazing sight! We sat on the porch laughing and drinking coffee and watching our street turn into a small river but all the homes were fine.  Within a matter of a few hours you would never even have known it had rained except for the humidity in the air!  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Root 66 RV park

Driving from Colorado to Arizona is quite a feat when you are just driving to get somewhere and not taking time out to enjoy the sites along the way... not our usual mode of travel!  However, we did pretty well trading off and stuck to main hwy to make better time.  Arrived in Arizona for one last night at RV park before making it to home - wanted to empty tanks and all that fun stuff.  So, Early finds this cute little place along Hwy 40 just east of the town of Holbrook.  Not much here but some petrified wood and good electricity etc... so we parked it and here was our view 

Petrified Forest

While we were staying overnight up at Sun Valley, AZ we took a little ride through the Petrified Forest.  Couldn't do much since Earl had to stay in car pretty much but stopped at a few overlooks and did have the wonderful site of an antelope come running across the road from seemingly no where to run right in front of us and back into the wilderness.  We have seen antelope before but usually in small herds and of course we did not have camera on at time of event! oh well.. it was a thrill for us just the same.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goodbye Colorado!

What a crazy week this has been.  It began with our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park that I enjoyed as best I could with Early left in the car with the shakes and wrapped in a wool blanket.  After a few days he noted his leg hurt and was afraid he had a blood clot.  After looking at his leg that had turned bright red and terribly swollen we drove into town to call the nurse on the hot line.  She suggested we go straight to ER but he felt ok and leg didn't itch - just red and swollen?  What is going on - so that evening (our last night in area) we had dinner with nephew Jim and his little family.  He and son Cole (who will be 1 this month) greeted us and when wife Theresa (doctor in family) came home from work she went straight to looking at Earl.  She freaked out and immediately called ER and insisted on coming with us to see the doctors there.  What a long evening as you can imagine if you have ever been in an ER!  Theresa's being a doctor helped to speed things up some but still took time.  They did an ultra sound and did find a blood clot and released him with 3 prescriptions... Oh fun so next morning we had the prescriptions filled and were on our way - back to the house and resident doctor!  We did make it back to AZ in 2 1/2 days of long hours of driving.  Oh my goodness, not a fun way to travel.  Still have to see doctor but we are here and all is ok for now.  More later....