Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Always loved the Blue Jay

Spring is upon us with summer biting at it's heals - goodness we went from 60's to 90's in nothing flat... in between juicing all this wonderful citrus fruit we are so fortunate to have; I have been having fun at glass fusing class.  Decided I wanted a few birds other than doves and pigeons in our yard so made a few out of glass.  Allergies have really gone on the attack this year too so although no rain in forecast with the rest of the country fighting blizzards, we are having 90+ days.  Pollen and smog are all over so hoping we will get a little sprinkle before too long just to clear the air if nothing else... the joys of living in the desert!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hockey bobble heads

This past weekend was a new experience for us.  Our new step-grandson came for a visit from Washington for the long weekend and a hockey tournament.  We had not actually met before, but we had a great time.  This young man is 12 years old and says he has been playing hockey since he was 4.  He was fortunate enough to pull a "hat trick" - 3 goals in one game.  Their team did not win the series but we had a great time getting to know him and learning about hockey.  Yes, you must dress warm.  It rained most of the weekend, and with learning where all the rinks are in this area (about 7) was a challenge but we were up for it and enjoyed him and the whole experience.  We were able to introduce him to fresh squeezed o j and fresh homemade lemonade with lemons picked fresh from the tree.  He was such a nice polite boy we told him he was welcome anytime.  Appreciated his friendly manners and how friendly he was with us for being virtual strangers. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Taking the Oath

Granted it has been a while, but finally went all the way and submitted my paperwork to the Daughters of American Revolution.  Took the oath and am 1st one under 4th Great Grandpa Abel Fairbanks.  I became interested in this organization when my sister-in law pursued it and in reading about the Fairbanks Family of America.  The DAR stepped up to save the old homestead from the butcher's block back at the end of the last century.  The old house was built in the 1630's and passed down generations until the last two Fairbanks to live there were two ladies who never married or had any descendents.  The DAR stepped in to save the house and the Fairbanks Family of America, Inc. was formed and purchased the house back and is thankfully now the oldest standing wood frame house in America.  The family holds an annual family reunion each August and yes, we did attend one year while back there in Massachusetts.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is one of our country's unique parks and that of course is why it is a national treasure.  We have visited this park a number of times and usually about this time of year.  This year, when we want to show it off, there were a number of road closures due to heavy rains in California that washed out roads.  This valley is a low spot so although it is farther east it can be impacted quite a bit by the weather.  Fortunately for us, we were able to show off the pretty snow capped mountains that surround this valley.  We stayed two nights at Furnace Creek in a little cabin.  Too cold to really appreciate the outdoors but lovely just the same.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Las Vegas stopover

January is such a busy month with the planning of the ladies tea and various other things so day after we took off with Harry and Nancy Cole and headed to Death Valley - 1st night stop over at Las Vegas.  It was so cold.  I do not remember Las Vegas being so miserably cold but it was the night we were there.  Surrounding mountains were very pretty white and we were glad to leave 1st thing next morning.