Sunday, March 29, 2015

Front porch

The new wall has received it's 1st coat!  It really looks so different... It's hard to want to put too much yard furniture out when we will be leaving for a time so hesitant to get that all set up at this time.  Thinking and looking though and for now think we will make do with what we have...   It is really wonderful having the palm tree for some shade.  In time we will put a roof on and perhaps a shade we can use during the time the sun is setting in the west and hitting the porch the time we like sitting out best - early evening... we'll see.  One thing at a time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Front Porch

Although the new porch is poured and set and now getting 1st coat of paint on new wall - it is hard to get a good photo of the actual porch.  Can tell you the old walk way is gone - all that river rock (that goodness) and new walkway (nice and smooth) is added with two little tiny gates (to keep little critters in) it really is a bit larger - will work to get a better photo... need new furniture and perhaps painted?  we'll see... tree helps to keep shaded part of day so that is great and there really is room out here to have a good bit of company without crowding.  We just love it and think we will really enjoy over time.  Still have a bit of work to do and I am no decorator but will work on it. ha!  Next, still have two bathrooms to do inside, an AZ room and a new patio out back!!! oh the projects!!  No rush... one at a time...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The guys

Again this year at the annual Fashion Show/Tea put on in our little community the guys stepped up as "singing" waiters.  Oh my, they all look so nice and played their part so well.  They are the highlight of the show!  They not only seat the women as they enter, but do the serving and then at half time go up on stage and put on quite a show singing Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland and I Want A Girl just like the Girl who Married Dear Ol Dad!  Goodness was that ever fun.  The theme this year was Roaring 20's and amazingly enough there were clothes pulled out of old chests that dated back to that era as well as one gown worn in 1812!  Who would have thought and we found women who could fit into the gowns (they made women smaller back then).  A heck of a lot of fun!

Monday, March 9, 2015

What is this?

Ever since we moved into our little home here in AZ we have been enjoying sitting on the front porch and watching the birds and occasional neighbor!  However, our porch was very small and at times when the neighbors do appear and join us it gets just a bit crowded... A plan we had in our minds finally came to fruition and a new porch was designed and new walkway from the sidewalk!  So exciting to see our little wall go down and plants to be moved and the earth disturbed ... To watch these guys in their rubber boots walking around in the wet concrete and eventually form a lovely new porch and wall... pics to follow.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our name in Brick!

Since moving into this community (this is our 3rd winter) we have been immersed in so many activities and one was to come up with some sort of fundraiser.  You can see by the picture what our fundraiser has been. Took months of gathering information and coming up with a plan and getting all volunteer help to put this together.  Today we began laying the bricks and it's incredible the help that come forward for this whole project.  We have met some of the best folks who have volunteered their time and talent.  So it's official now - we are in carved in stone... Added a brick for Earl's folks too and had them placed side by side so no one would think Earl had a wife they were not aware of.. Our project will soon be done and now it will just be maintenance of the project so should go much smoother.