Friday, July 3, 2015

4th celebration - community affair

Each year for the past 17 anyway, Jason and Mary's church puts on a "Freedom Celebration" as a way to have a church picnic; and give back to the community.  This is a very costly endeavor however they find it is cost effective as the community comes out in droves - at no cost to them whatsover!  Again, we worked the cotton candy booth and since there are so many volunteers we did have time off to view the other areas.  A big favorite of course is the cake walk and watermelon eating contest.  This year they even had their photographer flying a drone taking pictures of the event.  Quite a deal and it's fun being able to join in the festivities.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Birthday celebration!! Another teenager!!!

 Grandson Micah just turned 13 the official teenager!!  Let's hope he relishes his youth a little longer and the hormones don't kick in yet! ha!  For a different spin (and lack of knowing what to do for a child that age) we made him a lei of candy bars and dollar bills... cake was 4.5 liters of ice cream surrounded by kit kat candy bars!  He apparently doesn't like cake - we topped cake with 13 long candles set in 13 dollar bills rolled up as candle holders.  He was very a very happy person!  Afterwards the family went down to the river for cool dip and swim across the river... I normally would be very apprehensive over a prospect of river swimming but this year the water is very low (only waist deep) and next to no current so no problem.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Century Link Stadium

This year for grandson Micah's b-day we took him to Century Link stadium for a guided tour.  The tour guide was full of information.  It is obvious he has been working there many years.  His wife also works there and in fact he also works across the street at Safeco field.  Micah loved the tour as we all did; going from top to bottom, to out on the field to press boxes and locker rooms to private suites.  It was informative and a lot of walking. A fun time and the best part of course is it was not during an event when parking and traffic is a nightmare.  I personally do not have any desire to attend an event just because of those reasons but this was fun and of course special due to being with family.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015


It is official:  Miss Jordan is now a High School Graduate!  The ceremony was held at Safeco Field on a Friday evening!  Poor choice; traffic was horrific and there was a lot of outside noise?  What was with that anyway?  The graduates made it all worth while however and we enjoyed it very much.  So thankful we were able to get there in time!  A large class of about 460 students and Jordan says next years class is even larger and the one after that is even bigger yet around 750 students.  Where did all these children come from??? ha!  Interesting and fun.  Such a fun time for the students and family alike.  I guess we all reflect back a little; know I did and always enjoy a graduation no matter who it is up there.  We are so happy for Jordan.  She will be continuing her education in the fall at a school in California.  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Inglewood, California

Taking a little time off from our nice little community in the desert we stopped first in the Los Angeles area to visit relatives.  When a cousin came down with a contagious disease (cold) we decided to take that time and find the house we presume Earl's folks lived in at time of his birth.  We are sure this was the home where his older sister first arrived but not definite on Earl's timing since it was a few years later.  In any event, found the address on the marriage certificate and found it still here after all these 70+ years about a half block from LAX.  Makes sense since Earl's dad worked for aerospace industry.  He probably walked to work in those days.  It was fun roaming around and seeing the sights and then we could be so thankful we don't live there!  Always something to be thankful for to be sure.  Had a wonderful visit with Earl's Aunt Tootie and cousin Patrick.  Weather was a little warm but still bearable and the ride was okay too.