Saturday, July 30, 2016

Meet Pitiful

Look what we found.. oh yeah, A week ago tomorrow Earl decided it was time to chop away at Hotel Munday; our palm tree in the front yard.  We knew birds were nesting there and have been for months.  We have seen a variety of birds from the curved bill, to doves to sparrows and grackles and humming birds in that tree.  Of course we don't know what nests are what other than the doves because we could actually see them.  

Anyway, after he chopped away at the dead fronds he decided to pull out the other dead stuff and clean it up a big.  While cleaning up his mess from the ground he found Pitiful.  Of course the nest was gone and no idea where it was anyway.. so we left him laying out on the rocks on the ground while we went for a walk and then I could not stand it any longer.. his little chest was just heaving and of course he was crying pitifully.  We thought he would pass away every day but we are now on day 6 and he is still with us.  We started with just giving him a little fresh squeezed oj and water but then I got the crazy idea of boiling bird seed to soften it and grind it up in the blender - since then have added grit and dried up worms I found at pet store.  oh yummy.  He sleeps nearly all the time but eats about a mouthful or two every hour or two.  He never cries at night and sleeps right through.  He is growing though and starting to look more like a bird.  It has a broken leg from falling on the rocks but even it is getting stronger just from all the sleep and tlc I am guessing.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bathroom remodel time

Before demolition!  Bathroom is small so not good angle for picture taking... have to finish cleaning out before they guys get here..

Partial demolition.. they still have to remove cabinet and toilet but they are working on it.. there are different guys for the different steps... a good outfit and interesting to watch them work - sort of... 

Friday, July 15, 2016

drooping cactus

What is this?  Good grief; we started this prickly pear cactus 3 years ago from an ear that had broken off of another one - put 4 broken ears in the ground - watered a little for roots to take hold and next thing you know we have two very large cactus - anyway, have never seen them just droop over like this - decided they do not like these 3 digit temp days and collapsed for lack of water.  Gave them some water but they have not recovered so guess we will have to take some of this off.. what a crazy thing.  The one in our front yard looks a little limp but it gets some residual water from the lemon tree placed so close by... At least we know they are a hearty plant and fast growing so not too sad by the situation.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Taking a little cruise

A picture of our ship the Liberty of the Seas with Royal Caribbean.  Son, Roy called with a deal too good to pass up on so last minute we booked a cruise from Galveston, TX to Roatan, Honduras, Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico.  3 days at sea with the 3 ports.. Roy and Jaylee joined us so that was great. We have now experienced 5 different cruise lines.  It is always fun meeting new folks and chatting it up.  No afternoon high tea on this cruise but we did meet some very nice folks that we kept seeing here and there.  Entertainment was good and the food was good.  One thing different on this cruise from others is assigned seating.  We have had assigned time before but not actual seating; so this time we had assigned seats and the same waiters every evening.  Wanted to pack them up and bring them home with us.  What fun.  Carlos and Wontana were the greatest guys.  Always there with beautiful smiles and anticipating your every wish.  These people really know what service is meant to be.  

Little Jaylee had a wonderful time and loved the ship.  They took off and did a few other side trips at the stops too.  Always in the water, snorkeling or whatever.  We older folks stuck to sightseeing and shopping. Participating in activities on the ship.  Worried a little about the weather but it was fine.  A little rain to start the trip and then it was over and sunny, humid and not stifling so that was good.  

Bow of ship

Here is Early at the bow of the ship..not quite like the did it on the Titanic but then we aren't that young and exuberant any more. ha!  Was nice we could even get out to the bow since not all ships give that luxury.