Monday, August 14, 2017

Ballard Locks

While visiting the Pacific Northwest this summer we visited the Ballard Locks.  Always a fun place when the weather is nice and the boaters are busy going through the  locks.  Didn't have much time to stay and picnic but enjoyed the outing just the same.The grand children are about grown and was fun to spend some time with the family.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


There is nothing quite like a visit to Sedona.  Came up with friends Sonny and Carol for a day trip.  Went here for the sights and over to Jerome for lunch at the Haunted Hamburger.  Such a pretty day in Sedona.  Not enough time for a hike but enjoyed just the same.  Long day but so great to be able to spend this time together.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Arizona State Captiol

This has been a very busy time for us here in the sunny southwestern part of the country.  Our friends Carol and Sonny from Florida are traveling for the summer and chose to come to our part of the country for a little visit.  We all jumped on the light rail for a ride into downtown Phoenix to visit the State Capitol, although it was closed for the weekend, we just wanted pictures of the outside anyway.  Long trek from the light rail but doable.  Afterwards, jumped back on light rail for a delicious dinner at the old spaghetti factory.  Another hour ride and we were back to end of line in Mesa.  Interesting, inexpensive and we can we finally say we have done the light rail.  Even saw some friends from our neighborhood on the rail so it was a good adventure.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A new patio cover

We finally took on this project and added a new solid roof to back patio area... Patio is not in yet - that will be for another day but at least the cover is up and we can begin leveling the ground to extend patio.  

This is only the 1st phase.  Future plans are to enlarge the area out into the yard and add another cover only a lattice extension - It will take a while.  Our 1st estimate was close to $7000 so we are doing it in sections.. to be continued...

Friday, March 31, 2017

Mr Hawk

It was a bit of a surprise to see this guy swoop down on this dove at our "quail block" the other day.  He sat there looking around long enough for us to get a few pictures then flew off to eat in private.  Thank goodness he took the dove with him instead of feasting right there.  They have to eat too; and all that but it is disturbing to come out and see a pile of feathers.  I can speak from past experience they do not leave anything behind besides feathers.. no skin or bones or waste...  Pretty isn't it...