Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family reunion

What a week this has been in Idaho!  Everyone managed to get to this wonderful beautiful little piece of paradise from as far away as Hawaii and Minnesota and even Texas.  It's been amazing with our wonderful hosts Tom and Sandra and all their special children and grand children and all the cousins too!  Goodness!  Our last day and it was our turn to cook and after eating so much wonderful food all week it will be time to do some fasting now! ha!  Such a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little better and the cousins to mix and play too.  The dog in front belongs to the neighbor.  Cooper seems like part of the family and you really couldn't ask for a nicer pet!  He is so friendly and sweet and playful too with so much activity he fit right in.  Thanks again Tom and Sandra!  It was the best!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family fun

Kicking off the family reunion here in McCall, Idaho with Earl's sister Sandra and hubby Tom.  They have a lovely mountain home and we always enjoy our time with them.  This is a "Munday" reunion so looking forward to this branch of the Munday's all getting together.  It's beautiful country up here at 5044'.  Not overly hot and although there is some smoke from surrounding states and their wildfires, it's not too bad here in this community.  I might add they do have a smoke jumpers unit based right here in McCall though.  Lovely place right near Lake Payette.  So thankful we could make it!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here comes the smoke!

After a wonderful few weeks in the Seattle area and visiting with friends and family we hit the road heading east.  1st stop Othello, Washington and although the ride there went well and we did have some cross winds it was nice.  However, this is view we awoke to in the morning.  Smoke coming in to envelope us there!  Time to continue east.  We heard of all the terrible wildfires and even daughter Mary said Hwy 2 was closed from Leavenworth back to Seattle so they had to go around to I-90.  A bit out of the way for them.  Anyway, we managed to stay pretty much out of the way until the high winds brought the smoke to us.  Just terrible and all we can do at this point is pray for some rain to clear the skies and give the firemen a break! Where is all that rain when you really need it? ha!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Visiting friends

Took a ride over the Narrows bridge to Bremerton to visit with good friends Dean and Laurie Singer and see the progress of their new house being built!  Wow!  Very nice and what a day we chose!  Doesn't get much prettier in the Pacific Northwest.  After a delightful day and visit we chose to ride the ferry from Kingston back to Edmonds and look at the view!  Seattle seems like a big city until you put it up against Mt Rainier!  One of my fondest memories of working here for so many years was driving south into Seattle from Edmonds and looking to the right and seeing Mt Rainier - Seattle straight ahead - the Olympics on the far west and in rear view mirror Mt Baker!  I was in awe and still am when I see this view!  Mighty pretty!  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another birthday

Another year and another year for grandson Micah.  His cousin Isaiah is right behind him!  It was fun sharing ice cream treats with them at DQ!  Glad we were able to share this time with the family.  All too soon it is time to head em up and move em out! ha!