Friday, September 9, 2011

Hingham, MA

Before leaving Hingham I finally was able to get a picture of this sign.  Massachusetts has one for each of their towns and it's such a kick to drive from one town to another and see this sign with date of settlement started.  Hard to get pictures because you don't know where the town line begins and there is no place to pull over for a quick stop and picture.  It's a bummer. On this one I was lucky enough after a month to be driving towards sign and 1st at stoplight with camera next to me. ha!  All these towns are so historic and have some wonderful history.  Too bad so many have been neglected.  Roads are terrible in most places and some are really run down while others thrive.. just like anywhere.  Just interesting observations. I was taken so much with Hingham because we lived there for 5 weeks and it was so CLEAN!  Loved the manicured yards and over 1800 historic homes and some still in residence of 13 generations!  That is something in this young country with so little history! 
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